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Choose Your Membership

Choose Between An Individual Membership Or A Custom AI Discord Bot Development Membership

  • Lifetime Access Pass

    Access For life to ROBIN no additional payments again!
    • Lifetime Access to ROBIN Discord Bot
    • ROBIN Image Discord Access
    • DM Private ROBIN Access
    • Unlimited Daily Credits
    • Limits Subject to Change
    • ROBIN runs on GPT-4o (LLM)
    • SDXL Turbo for ROBIN Image Generation
    • Discord Lifetime Membership Role
    • Pay for membership with XRP or $ROBIN
    • Cancel at Anytime!
  • Custom AI Bot Development

    AI App Discord Bot Development

    Every month
    +$499.99 AI App Developer Setup Fee
    ROBIN Builds + Maintains your BOT!
    • (1) Custom Developed AI Discord Bot
    • Fully Trained on your Data or Website
    • Image Generation Enabled For Your Bot!
    • Monthly Service from ROBIN
    • Analytics Access Page
    • 24/7 Customer Support
    • 1000 XRP Worth of $ROBIN After 30 days!
    • Your Bot Can be Added to Others Discords
    • Set your Bots Name, Avatar, + Personality & More!
    • Cancel at Anytime!

Pay with $ROBIN or $XRP

We are now accepting $ROBIN and $XRP for ROBIN's Memberships

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