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ROBIN Roadmap

ROBIN Token is a cutting-edge digital asset that offer users a fast, efficient, and secure way to pay for services and transactions on the ROBIN platform. Earn Passive Income with Robin weekly or monthly!

First 90 Days
April 1st - July 1st

Phase 1

 Launch ROBIN ✅
 Launch ROBIN Platform & Services 

 Observation Mode Begins (Phase 1) 
 Activate ROBIN Plans & Pricing 
 Mint ROBIN Tokens on the XRPL 
 Launch Website 
 Launch Twitter 
 Launch Discord 
 Launch Token 
 Show ROBIN in action 
 Create ROBIN Video Library 
Train ROBIN for More Optimization 
 Add Icon & Name to ROBIN Platform 
 Add Dark Mode to ROBIN 
Token Allocation Movement 
Token BlackHole Issuer
Launch Blog
• Creator + Team Doxx (Phase 2)
Release White Paper V1.0 
Creator & Company Allocation Lock 
 Launch NEST NFT Memberships 
 Look into Exchanges for ROBIN Token 
 Begin Round 1 Public IDO Presale (90 Days) 
 Begin Rewards (90 Days) 
 Begin Flight Mode (Phase 2) 
 1 : 1 Airdrop


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